Filmmakers: Why I've Ditched Screenwriting Software

I recently discovered Fountain: a brilliant alternative screenwriting solution that is both universally accessible and 100% future proof (but it isn't a software).

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Start Writing Kickass Headlines (And Increase Conversions)

Write engaging website headlines like a boss. I have written a free headline generator for high converting titles.

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My Time Saving Facebook Productivity Hack

Start increasing your productivity today with the simplest Facebook tip of all time.

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How to Securely Deliver Digital Kickstarter Rewards (For Free)

The following procedure can be used to deliver any type of digital rewards including software, documents, music and movie files. The same solution can also be used for alternative crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo.

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The World's Simplest Kickstarter Growth Hack

At the time of writing (1st June 2015), I cannot see a single campaign on Kickstarter doing what I am about to suggest. I imagine this will become a far more widespread practice in the future when people begin to catch on to this simple discovery.

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