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Aimed at professional magicians and mentalists, Distorted Visions is a collection of my favourite original creations which have been written, structured and refined over many years for high impact results. The DVD was well received by the magic community, gaining across-the-board four and five star reviews.

Jack Curtis isn't a name you may recognize in the field of mentalism but mark my words within a few years time he will be. This kid has some amazing ideas and he's a powerhouse of a performer. William Draven

Distorted Visions successfully demonstrates that it's the presentations that truly make the miracles happen. Jack Curtis presents mentalism that is compelling and entertaining. It's simply great mentalism. Wayne Kawamoto

Every effect is solid, clean, relatively organic, easy to do, requires minimal props, and has a clean, smart and swallow-able presentational hook. These are very clean and well thought out mentalism routines. It's clear that Jack Curtis puts a lot of thought and effort into his routine construction. Jeff Stone

I was hooked from the beginning. I love it... Two of these effects I have put in my show and they're staying in my show! Dan Hauss

Jack has a way with words that makes his performances intelligent and believable, which is why his performances are so strong. Watching this is a good lesson in how to script routines and make people believe in what you are saying. Vanish International Magic Magazine

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