Distorted Visions

A hobby of mine is magic; specifically psychological 'mentalism'. In 2010 I wrote a book for professional magicians and mind readers. It was very well received by the magic community and can be purchased from most good magic shops.

Every effect in this book is simple and direct, just how I like them! Jack has thoroughly thought through every presentational nuance to bring you not only a small collection of strong mentalism effects, but also some very important performance and delivery ideas often overlooked by entertainers in this industry.
Looch (professional mentalist, author of S.A.D)
I've known Jack for a while now and I love his take on the world, he has a very unique vision. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting him then this book will allow you to have your initial glimpse inside. If you don't give a rat's ass about the man, just know that H2O and Extra Subliminal Persuasion are worth the price of admission.
Paul Brook (professional mind reader and author)uss
As an actor and filmmaker, Jack knows how to draw people into the experience and engage his audience. Besides the clever ideas and routines full of details, you might find yourself thinking about how you can improve your own performances. Very inspiring!
Harry Lucas (Austrian TV mind reader)